Announcing Tango Secrets!

Tuesday, November 2nd 2021  — 
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Tango Secrets book cover with Fileteado design

The team at Pablito Greco Ltd has been busy at work and want to let you know what we’ve been up to.

From our founder, Educator X, we are in the process of publishing a magnificent book: Tango Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide to Tango Dance and Culture.

Our vision.

Tango Secrets is the first open-source multimedia book of its kind. Other books on tango have been about unrealistic love stories, vague philosophies, or dry techniques that don’t always translate to the dance floor. Tango Secrets is the solution to these problems, from tango’s culture to its music, from its etiquette to its history.

Our target

List of features

  • 20 unique colored tango graphics.
    • 60 colored images.
      • 16 unique colored illustrations at the beginning of every chapter.
        • 400+ priceless references.
          • A bonus chapter.
            • A personalized autograph from the author (Pledge CA$ 40 or more).
              • Premium colored print quality.
                • Hardcover with extra design.
                  • The ability to contribute content and write dance history.

                    But we need your help. Our Kickstarter campaign will begin on November 9th 2021, 9am Toronto Time. Please consider pledging to receive the Deluxe edition of Tango Secrets.

                    Click here to find out more:

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                    Your Tango Secrets book copy is either in your hands or on route (international destinations need more time)! Either way, your first name is forever embedded inside all book editions and It's another promise-kept, as per our campaign. 😉

                    Hello friend! We have added 8 FAQs to our Kickstarter campaign, in case you missed something. Check them out. 😃

                    Hello everyone! We've received plenty of your questions, and we made this short Q+A session for Tango Secrets book, to try and answer the most important ones! Enjoy. :-)

                    Hello everyone! We're receiving some very interesting inquiries about the project and the tango culture, and we had an idea!

                    We want to share with you some of our global metrics (engagement) up to date, regarding the Tango Secrets book Kickstarter campaign.

                    Hello everyone! We are so proud for your support. Please keep spreading the word to your colleagues, friends, and family! :)

                    Tango Secrets book Kickstarter campaign is live!

                    The first digitally made Fileteado cover ever! Tango Secrets book available November 9th, 9am EDT on KICKSTARTER. Learn more:

                    So much to read! Tango Secrets book available November 9th, 9am EDT on KICKSTARTER. Learn more: